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Bios of Group Tour Specialists

Kate Peer

Kate Peer is the President and founder of Accolades Tours/Group Travel Directors. Through Kate’s leadership, Accolades Tours/Group Travel Directors has become nationally renowned for planning life-enriching tours for schools, churches, clubs, families, and other special interest groups to destinations all over the world. Since 1982, Kate's firm values, unwavering drive, and ability to recognize market trends has allowed the company to thrive while other agencies disappeared. Kate is an active member of professional travel industry groups, business owners/executives groups, and is a dedicated community volunteer. Through her business, Kate has had the good fortune of making new friends from every part of the world and she continues to do so while discovering new destinations.
Janet Tollund

Janet Tollund is Vice President of Sales and co-owner of Accolades Tours/Group Travel Directors, and has been with the company since 1986. She holds a BA degree in English and French from Luther College and an MA from the University of Minnesota. Prior to entering the tour business, she was a high school French teacher. Janet has served in the international group travel industry for over 30 years, and in addition to her role in Sales, has escorted countless performing ensembles and cultural tours throughout the world.
Diana J. Leland

Diana J. Leland is a retired choral director who taught choral music for 32 years. During her last 28 years of teaching, she was employed by Edina Public Schools in Minnesota. She is a past president of ACDA-Minnesota, the ACDA North Central Division and National ACDA and served on the board of the International Federation for Choral Music for nine years. She was the first full-time general manager of the Dale Warland Singers. Diana has traveled to over 25 international destinations and joined Accolades International Tours for the Arts as a Group Tour Specialist in 2008.
Tom Witt

Tom Witt has been working for travel-related organizations for over 20 years, and has been with Accolades/Group Travel Directors since 2007. While his primary expertise has been in southern Africa travel, he also has tour leading and trip planning experience in West and East Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. Tom is a church musician/keyboardist. In 1992 he founded the musical ensemble Bread for the Journey, a group of singers and instrumentalists who perform nationally and internationlly, specializing in songs of faith, hope, justice and inclusion from the church around the world.