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Sierra Evangelical Lutheran Church: In the Footsteps of Martin Luther G171005 View Brochure (PDF or DOC)
Visiting: Germany
Dates: 10/25/17 - 11/4/17   Cost: $4699 G#: 171005

Pastor Mark Perry is a 30-year ordained minister in the ELCA. He is looking forward to sharing this memorable trip on this historic 500th anniversary of the Reformation as a way to celebrate and learn more about how our Lutheran identity and distinctive theology and practices have been and still are rich gifts to the Body of Christ. He looks forward to the way that connecting with cultures and traditions of other countries broadens our world perspective at the same time as helping us better understand our own backgrounds. In addition, he knows how a trip like this can build bonds of faith and fellowship between people in a unique and significant way and will work to facilitate those experiences using his career’s experience of enabling relationships. Plus, he just thoroughly enjoys travel, adventure and having lots of fun together!