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Germany: Reformation and Spiritual Heritage G181001 View Brochure (PDF or DOC)
Visiting: Germany
Dates: 10/3/18 - 10/15/18   Cost: $4634 G#: 181001

PLEASE DO NOT register online; instead, download the brochure from this site and MAIL us your PAPER registration as there is no provision for you to indicate a cabin category online.

Come join us for an inspirational journey to Germany. We値l begin our tour with a 4-night cruise on the Rhine River. We値l then meet up with our wonderful guide and friend, Christian Mauer, and travel to the heartland of Germany. Here we値l walk in the very places frequented by Martin Luther and his contemporaries. We値l stand outside the Castle Church door in Wittenberg where Luther posted the 95 Theses in 1597, beginning the Protestant Reformation. We値l also be inspired by the life and witness of pastor and scholar Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who sought to lead the church to stand against Hitler. Also included are visits to historic places related to WW II and many other places of interest.

There will be lots of memory making, spiritual challenge and laughter along the way.

Bob and Nancy Jonsson and Dale and Sherri Berry


Sicily and Malta: Gems of the Mediterranean; G181002 View Brochure (PDF or DOC)
Visiting: Sicily and Malta
Dates: 10/7/18 - 10/20/18   Cost: $4900 G#: 181002

You are invited to join us in an exploration of two sister islands: Sicily and Malta. Their position in the center of the Mediterranean brought invasions by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Germans, Spanish and English, who affected architecture, cuisine and languages in different ways.

We will cross Sicily from Palermo to Catania, observing Norman and Arabic influences, Roman mosaics and Greek temples, situated in a stunning landscape skirted by the sea. In Malta we will discover an amazing sweep of history, from Neolithic temples to the extensive fortifications and buildings of the Knights of Malta and later the British. During World War II, Malta was the most heavily bombed place on earth, narrowly escaping occupation by the Axis. It was from Malta that Eisenhower launched the American invasion of Sicily. Through visits and discussions we will discover the importance of these islands and reflect on their similarities and differences.

This tour is sponsored by Luther College Alumni Relations and led by professors emeriti Ruth Caldwell and Uwe Rudolf. All are welcome to join them on this journey!


Central Lutheran Church, Anchorage: In the Footsteps of Martin Luther G180903 View Brochure (PDF or DOC)
Visiting: Germany Reformation
Dates: 9/17/18 - 9/28/17   Cost: $3850 G#: 180903

Join Central Lutheran Church on a Reformation Tour to Germany. Your tour host is Kathy Dale (This is a private tour for the members and friends of Central Lutheran Church.)


St. Stephen Lutheran Church: A Spiritual Pilgrimage to France G180904 View Brochure (PDF or DOC)
Visiting: France
Dates: 9/25/18 - 10/5/18   Cost: $4699 G#: 180904

Members and friends of St. Stephen, you are invited to join Julie Magnus and me on a spiritual pilgrimage that will engage the soul, senses, and tastbuds. From castles to caves, Roman ruins to Paris, we will have the opportunity to experience several `thin places` where pilgrims have journeyed for centuries. In addition to the sights we will see, each day will offer opportunity for mindfulness and contemplation, local markets and vineyards. We will end our time together in Paris and the cathedral town of Chartres. Above all, this will be an opportunity to grow deeper in love towards God, neighbor, and self and have a lot of fun!
Pastor Kathie Nycklemoe